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All by herself by grimkim All by herself by grimkim
I actually drew the figure months ago but a few days ago I traced it added detail to her(mainly in her hair) and added the background.
I really wish I had done this on a larger sheet of paper. Working on two sheets of low quality computer paper got really annoying, real quick.
The background is a compelmation of many, many internet photos of greek ruins.
Maybe one day I will get to coloring it! ha! your welcome to try coloring it if you like. I have a larger version I am going to put on my webspace later....

I actually really like this drawing. Hopefully I will go back and clean it up better one day...
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Limey-Yankee Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009
Good God! The perspective on those columns...*faints.* Great job. I love the clarity of it. I wish we could be let loose to this kind of thing in class...
Kibunfuzashi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008
hehehe, thats cool.
Elite-Ghost Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
karniz Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh Medusa! She looks so lovely, and coy! This would be GRAND to see finished... maybe not really colored but a monochromatic color? oh it would be lovely.
booklvr Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
This is so cool!i love it and you make it look so easy to do. :D
kandinsky-prince Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
Nice work! :D
atsuineko Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008  Professional General Artist
I love the background!
Saetje Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008  Professional Filmographer
I would love to see this colored! The amount of detail in both foreground and background are very commendable. I love how the background really makes the eye wander over to the Medusa figure- so, in general, just great composition you've got going on as well.
saz-chan Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008
The amount of background detail is seriously impressive!! It must have taken a lot of time and patience, lol. The concept is a good one too, I like the different angle on it, like through her eyes...Its good... And her expression is really sweet, I can really see the emotion and expression in her eyes..
Hope you colour xD
GreenEyedMonster88 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
I love it :)

I really hope you color it; that would make it even more interesting.

i think it's also interesting how you gave her a sweet, friendly face; unlike how she usually is portrayed as an evil entity. good job :)
genaminna Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I love how your style has evolved over the year :D whether you color it or not, it's still really nice :heart:
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